I Aspire To Have An Original Thought... One Day

25 | He/Him | Masc Trans NB | Certified Dumbass | Supposedly an Adult

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So I'm a person (arguably) that exists (sometimes)

Hi, I'm Star and I cuss a lot. "Says bad words all the time" is a personality trait at this point.

I'm a trans-nb dude with heavy masc leanings. Back in 2019 I got my tits chopped off an even before that I started HRT. I very often yell about my trans-ness especially if its my hormones (or lack thereof) are throwing a wrench in things again. I am queer as fuck, so I might also yell about all that too. I very often get extremely introspective and rambly. I try to throw anything obscenely long under a read-more. I think my long-windedness has become a feature....

I make it a point to post about my cats pretty often (or at least when I catch them being cute on camera). I have two beautiful children, Megan and Frankie. They're my precious girls and I'd literally die for them. I am often imobilized by love for my kids.

I occationally dabble in the arts (and by dabble I mean heavily fucks with). My hands can draw and crochet (among other things, but those are the main two). If I have a project going you bet your ass I'm going to be posting about it (unless I forget, which is likely).

More often than not, I comment and reblog shit. I at least try and make the tags fun while interacting with the rest of Waterfall. Feel free to send me a message or tag me or what have you. I always keep up with my notifications. Even if I don't formally check my activity page, its a cold day in hell if I don't scroll back around to where I left off. My blogs content model is definately classified as "whatever the fuck I want to post" which is both a positive and a negative. Queue? Never heard of her (but I'm online all the time, so its not that bad).

I've been active daily for the better part of (if not more than) a year with no plans of stopping, as much as Thell might protest.