I Aspire To Have An Original Thought... One Day

25 | He/Him | Masc Trans NB | Certified Dumbass | Supposedly an Adult

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So there are other places you can find me....

Though the internet seems sort of homeless, as of recent, I still have a few places I hold dear. Might as well direct you there if you're looking for more of me~

Toyhou.se - I live here. It's where Anima is hanging out nowandays.
Twitch.tv - I stream occassionally! Sometimes it's games. Sometimes it's art!
I technically have more accounts in other places, but these seem to be the places I hang the most (other than discord). I do suggest you follow me on twitch if you wanna hang out with me. <3 I always appreciate the company.

If you’re perhaps looking for a way to throw money at me (I don’t judge), here are some links for that: