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Man, so, just to make me feel better about how little space is on my main drive (its only 250gb and its responsible for my whole operating system) I decided to give it a defrag (because I cannot remember when I last did that???). Turns out that not only does my system defrag every week (never did I realize this) but the defragger does not have a fucking VISUAL?! ANYMORE?

Like that probably just my age showing, but I remember defraging my computer for fucking fun bc I liked to watch the fucking boxes.

So logically, I go to look up an old video of said visuals for nostalgia's sake and in the description its mentioned an appology is had for "lack of disk writing noises" which reminded me that the hard disks used to make sound!? So this obviously leads me to pull up a video featuring the sounds of a hard disk being defragged. And the amount of nostalgia I'm experiencing is incredible.

The amount of time I spent on old ass computers running windows 95/98/2000 is incalcuable. This sound was the background of my fucking existence from ages 2-10.

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