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the only reason i don't listen to Queen a lot is because the amount of raw power in its songs is enough to incinerate me on spot

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A) There is no such thing as "not gay enough". If you're anywhere under LGBTQIA+, that's gay enough. If you're gay enough to use a label in the community, you're gay enough to listen to Queen. A stands for Aromantic, Asexual and Agender so fuck the noise that says those don't count either.
B) You don't have to be gay to listen to Queen and I'll fight every single person who's ever told you otherwise.
Queen was meant for anyone who needed to hear these anthems. It's not a fuckin dreamcatcher or the word spirit animal. You can listen to Queen to your heart's content. Fuck anyone saying otherwise.

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Freddie Mercury was a bisexual man, you're queer enough to enjoy the music! Don't listen to tumblr or that percentage of the LGBTQ+ community that invalidates bi/pan folk.

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So, I will agree there are multiple songs that hit way different when considered from a queer perspective (We Will Rock You, Somebody to Love, etc) but that should in no way exclude people from listening to it???? It fucking infuriates me when people claim someone cannot experience a thing (a thing that was made to be experienced by a larger, huge audience) because they are not X, Y, Z. Thats like saying I cant listen to all of System of a Down because I've never experienced the American prison system or had substance abuse problems or experienced Tiennamen Square?

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that so silly, enjoying queen not appropriating. sorry people make feel is :c

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Freddie mercury was very adamant that his music was for everyone, so anyone who says your not anything enough to listen to Queen is spitting on his words (which is an international crime).

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