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naiad asked:

so from my understanding if you get a solid-state drive more than like 70% full they'll never run at full capability after that, so try to keep storage on them lower if possible! my husband is super into computers and put one of those in my desktop so i try to use it minimally

Yeah, they definately have a few cons compared to HDDs. Along with that, I've also heard that they access and/or write data a remarkably fewer amount of times (again, by comparison). Because of this I've set my SSD to not defrag every week like my other 3 drives. Apparently though, these two facets of SSDs are generally being improved upon (and have been in the past few years). Which is fair, they're only really just now becoming standard in PCs.

My biggest reason for getting an SSD though (outside of needing more storage capacity), was by far to decrease my worries about important data being lost to a drive failing critically. I've had it happen before and its garunteed to happen again with regular HDDs (they just have a limited life span, its unavoidable). I also feel better about an SSD because the drives hooked up via a USB to Sata cable at the moment which means its sort of flopping about on top of my computer. No moving parts mean you cant trauma data loss out of it nearly as easy whereas HDDs are notorious for losing data/failing if you bump them just right.

What I really need to do is get another SSD for my heckin operating system if only for the increase in boot time~ but I've never learned how to clone a drive with an OS on it (I know you can, i just haven't put in the reserach) so I'll wait until a later paycheck for that one.

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