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My union of all people: we know Covid has been tough on our country, especially essential workers. You're hard work is immeasurable.

Me: no the fuck it's not. Money. Give me money. Compensate my risk with money. Give me hazard pay. Burn down my company's headquarters until they give us more than our slave wages. And if you really want to make me happy, force them to call it hostage pay. Because that's what this situation is, and has been, for EIGHT MONTHS. Miss me with this "immeasurable" bullshit. It's sure as fuck measurable with our time and deaths. If this company had any moral bone in it's body, my hard work work would be correctly compensated with money not empty gestures. If you want to breed solidarity, oh dearest union of mine, express to me how much you're fighting for the things we need to make this situation closer to livable.

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