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Depression and anxiety are such a fucking bitch because they really do make you go "this is fine :) lmao" AND YOU BELIEVE IT. Then, it'll just so happen that you'll get one euphoric moment and l have to whip around and go "HEY!!! So that was an ENTIRE lie! I was miserable the whole god damn time! What THE fuck!"

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I agree with this, and support people getting any help they need.

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yup, that sounds about right. people are incredibly resiliant to a fault. We can survive such a poor quality of life for such a long time. It's incredible (and frustrating).

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No joke. When I was really low I convinced myself that I was fine because I was still able to go about my day. It's only in retrospect when you're in a better place that you go, "Hmm. Actually that wasn't fine."

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