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Lets see if i can begin detailing the computer bulding adventure incrementally. Should work for better readability anyway.

Let's start with the base PC I bought. This shoebox sized bad bitch is amazing all on its own. It literally fits in a shoebox (proof below) and is packed wall to wall with parts and was a wonder to see how everything was made to fit in such a small space. From the vertically mounted GPU and specially 3D printed shield around the CPU fan (to prevent recirculating hot air), I had fun just looking at this dude.

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Also I can recommend the Hyper EVO 212 as an excellent cooler if youre looking to replace yours, it keeps my 100W CPU below 70 degrees under sustained loads and is quiet af and relatively cheap too

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DUDE!!!! the computer looks so freakin' sweet!!! you must be so pleased with it!!! An absolute unit

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However, notice something about it's placement? More specifically how fuck huge it is and its proximity to the rear wall of the case? Yeah. Me too. I probably spent half an hour trying to fit that fucker in there while keeping the back exhaust in tact. It just wasnt happening. If I wanted to keep the CPU cooler, I'd have to sacrifice it. Which, while being unfortunate gives me pause for a minute because it means theres an imperfect pathway around my only exhaust vent. I've puzzled over it for a bit. Airflow is very important and now I'm trusting the two fans on the CPU cooler to do all the work of removing heat feom the case. And neither of them are flush with the case meaning i cant garuntee all the air their pushing is actually making it out.

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Here we are with the CPU cooler installed. Insert meme about using the perfect amount of thermal paste here.

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So, after taking a day trip, I returned shome to find the beautiful be quiet! fans and Scythe Fuma 2 cpu cooler finally delivered. Time for some upgrades!Here's a shot of the beautiful Ryzen 7 CPU after removing the old small form factor CPU cooler and cleaning the thermal paste off (serial number blurred out). At this point I'd already installed two be quiet! fans. One on the front panel for intake and the back fan you can see in the pic. Note that this back fan doesnt make it to the final build, you'll see why later.

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Also, after remebering that plugging in the power cable to the mother board is a wee bit important, the dude powers on and all the fans spin. Speaking of fans, the temporary ones im using came off an old PC that didnt work anymore. They've since been returned to the now working, previously caput tower.Pay no mind to the cable spaghetti around the power supply unit. I had figured, given the particular cable management challenges with this case, I would definately need an extension kit, but didnt want to order it just in case it wasnt necessary.

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This is sort of the first iteration of the build. Neither the final CPU or fans had come in yet, but i was eager to get this puppy up and running and figured swapping those things out would be easy later. All the 92mm noctua fans had to be put aside, much to my dismay. Noctua fans, while being less than appealing in their signature brown and flesh color scheme really do make up for it in sound and performance. They could be baby puke green and liver pink and I'd still covet them. But my case doesnt have slots for 92mm fans, so alas, away they go, off to be used in my room mates franken computer thats canabalized my previous conputers mother board.

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So, ive already shown off the exterior of the case (over here) but here's the inside with exactly zero parts installed.

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But alas, he was destined for bigger things, so some disassembly had to happen.

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