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A little while back I bought some safety eyes for use on amigurumi projects and I finally got to use them on something. So here's a preview of a piece I'm working on, and I must say, already I know I'm gonna be in love with this thing.

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i swear to god everyone and their mom is outside now

fallow -

oof, do u kno why?

babushka -

cause its SUMMER and it's WARM OUTSIDE and it's time to FKIN PARTY I GUESS

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Thats been how the towns and cities I frequent have been as of late. Doesn't help that memorial day just happened. People have been losing their minds trying to get their boats on the water. I've never seen so many people out and about walking in my entire life. Its kind of crazy

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It's not a political statement to ask you to be considerate of other people

-vibrates bc first match of the wind waker randomizer tournament finals-


I’m checked in and waiting on pre-op stuff. Im so incredibly close, guys.

Doing my best not to vibrate violently though the hospital walls and off into the dark morning sky.

Remember when I was like “ooh yeah I’ll try all these protein bars and review them and find the ones I don’t hate! It’ll be great!” Plot twist they’re all bad and you’re best off finding the one with the most protein in it and suffering the consequences.

Im not kidding. They all taste. The goddamn. Same.

Oh fuck. Less than a week and I won’t have tits. How thrilling and terrifying.