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An Anonymous user asked:

I saw you had some crochet stuff, specifically thermal stitch around here... yes! I LOVE the thermal stitch, just found my loop scarf I made with the thermal stitch back in the 2019 "polar vortex" or whatever, but yeah, c r o c h e t !

God, I really am loving thermal. My only gripe with it is that it works up so very slowly. But I'll be damned if it doesn't make a very very fabulous fabric. I want to make everything from bags to blankets out of it. A comforter out of thermal would be heaven. And a bag out of it would be durable as all living sin.

An Anonymous user asked:

would you be upset if someone else tried to create an owlcat? they're your thing so i won't make one if you'd be angry or uncomfortable

So this has come up a couple times over the years and now more than ever my sentiment is still heavily biased towards people going wild and creating whatever their hearts desire.

(obligatory read more bc ofc I got rambly)

But with Owlcats it gets a little sticky (ideologically at least). Imho, there is not much I can personally 'own' or copyright' about the owlcats. Theyre far from a new idea (which was still true 10 years ago) and if someone made an owlcat, without explicitly calling it an owlcat, I couldn't (nor would I want to) tell them they weren't allowed or even imply that they 'stole' the idea. It makes no sense.

Owlcats by definition are super hella vague. To be an owlcat, a creature must be 1 - part bird, 2 - part cat and 3 - not visually composed of creatures that are neither cat nor bird. Arguably, theres a 4th requirement, and its that they have an ''''official'''' piece of art drawn by me. The only thing unique about that set of standards is me.

That all being said, the true debate here is whether people can call their characters owlcats on their own voalition. Which first off, why would you wanna burden your character with even this loose set of restrictions? All you gain is my name attatched to its species and never being ever to expand past birds or cats. If you perhaps are cool with that (or in an even odder set of circumstances, want this), what say I then?

And really? I'm on the fence. Part of me wants to keep all owlcat affiliated characters close and within my peripheral. I don't want control persay, I just don't want things to grow past the point where I lose connection with people making new characters I can't keep up with. It does also create a very artificial scarcity if I'm the only person allowed to make Owlcats, which I think would be a bullshit reason to disallow people making their own owlcats.

Part of me wants to have them be a closed species, where they have to have an official piece of art from me to wear the title of Owlcat. It forcibly keeps me involved, keeps them personal. But is that enough of a justification to keep them a closed species? I know I'd try to justify it by offering free routes to Owlcat ownership (in tandem with commissions). I want more than anything to build a community around these fuckers. I know i'm pining for some back in the day nostalia, but I miss that community feeling around Owlcats, even if I know a lot of it wont transfer 1 to 1 on Watefall. Honestly, whichever decision promotes community the most.

And maybe theres a little compromise in this too? Like, what if there was an "everyone gets one free" rule (regardless of if I disallow freely making however many you wish) where I can raffle off me either making an OC for someone (using a form) or doing """official""" art of a design ya'll've made yourselves.


You know what? I'll just leave this open to reblogs and comments if anyone has anything to ask or discuss. I think I might need more time on this, but the tldr is definately "I want this to be a community thing, thats important to me" and maybe hearing what people would do or would want to do will get me one way or the other. (I say that with the reminder that this isn't me restricting how people create characters, its literally exclusively for the label of 'owlcat' for those who want it, which imo kind of makes the debate in my head kind of null and stupid and I should just let people do whatever and hope they stick around to see what I'm up to/interact with the community (which I hope will develop)).

An Anonymous user asked:

If you have the space you could look for a big comfy chair at a thrift shop! I've found some recliners for 10 dollars

Oh man I know it. Unfortunately I haven't the space at the immediate moment, but I will be moving in about 3-4 months (hence the excitement) and we already have plans to shop around and try and find a really good piece to put in the new living room. I'm so stoked and I can't imagine we won't comb the local thrift shops several times between then and now to see what we can find.

An Anonymous user asked:

tbh not to start shit but i think the dex cut was the literal worst part and THE dealbreaker for me, and most of the reason ive been really angry about swsh? like, even if the problem WAS that they needed to make new models (even though the models look.. super blatantly recycled) then the solution wouldve been to give the developing staff more time and more people. swsh could legitimately have been an incredible game and won EVERYONE over if everyone had more time to work anyways, and i bet that a vast majority of the people complaining about it would be significantly less angry if everyone had more time to make the game better and ensured like... widely accepted quality? IDK it just makes me angry that they decided to cut more than half of the pokedex in a game that benefits deeply from giving users choice and agency over what they do, instead of giving the employees more time to work????????

(and also like im also Pissed that the dex cut took out all three of my favorite evolutionary lines. all three of them. this is not even mentioning that if you cut ANY pokemon out of a game, you are cutting out someones favorite, so it just... rubs me the wrong way that it was considered at all, much less the decision they actually made.)

All of the pokemon dont even matter for the main storyline. We were only ever going to get the regional dex in every other game anyway. What I'm guessing is that they are planning for longevity here. Does it cut SwSh a little low for post game? Yeah and I guess? I find it more of personal preference, but its one of the reasons I don't care nearly as much because I can't imagine myself pouring hundreds of hours into post game (unless there's some really good content, which still, I don't think it'll be harmed by having less pokemon variety). The biggest downside I see is that you can't use SwSh as the freeform battling medium that maybe Sun/Moon or XY was (I wouldn't know, I didn't play either of them with this in mind).

"Catching them all" is a rediculous concept now. You can either bastardize the "them all" part or "catching" because the last game where 'catching' them all was 100% pure (as far as the national dex goes) was gen 2. It has always been 'transfer' them all because you can't make a fully fleshed out world with that many places to find all the different pokemon in the world. This many pokemon would make a region feel cramped. And I dont know about you, but I don't want to spend the time it would take to trade for or transfer over the entire national dex. Its busy work and nonsensical since if you did it for any of the other games, you can just capitalize off of previous work done anyway.

They haven't exactly detailed all of what Pokemon Home will entail, but I feel like Pokemon Home is their chance to really round out this issue for people. People obviously aren't thrilled, but there is so much they could do with that. Pokemon Home, if it doesn't crash and burn, if they don't abandon it like any other service they've tried before, could really increase the longevity of the series. If it is more than just storage and becomes the primary way to say, battle using all our previous teams, it takes all the pressure off of SwSh to have to be more than what they wanted it to be.

All the work and time and effort that would have to go into making Sword and Shield fit for that would, I feel, take away from the world and story. People keep screaming "just give them more people, more money, more this that and the other thing" when budgetting is a thing that they have to do. I am not at all saying that Nintendo isn't already going to make an assload of money off SwSh as it is or that they can't afford to lose a few dollars, but just saying "throw more money at it" is not the solution?? Not when the task is this big and there's no good way to measure any benefit from it. This game engine is just going to become outdated eventually anyway. Every generation this hurdle was going to get bigger and bigger with less and less return. Not everyone is going to use nearly every pokemon. They picked the pokemon that would flesh out Galar. They didn't go "awe whats everyones most favorite pokemon and include all of those" because thats a slippery ass slope. People bitch about pandering anyway and whats furry bait and then they complain that some designs aren't conventionally attractive or are weird or yadda yadda (insert any of the debates on this subject).

Looking at the dex now and going "they cut half of all existing pokemon" I feel is not the best way to look at it because thats not what they did. They looked at all the existing pokmoen and included what they felt was necessary to the region and the story. Does that leave a lot out of the equation? Ofc. But focusing on whats not there in 100% of the argument ignores what is there and it feels really toxic/negative for that to be the majority of what one focuses on.

I lose it every time someone says that theyre reusing models. Theyre not. Models look too similar? They.... literaly cannot make them different? These are very specific creatures. Everything about every pokemon is incredibly standardized. Just look at how any pokemon has been animated since pokemon Colosseum. How they are animated is just as specific and static as their designs. They won't up and change these because some people have this false notion that somehow this aspect of the franchise has become stale.

I keep hearing that people don't like the quality of the game and, having played through more than the 3rd gym so far, I don't see it??? It's definitely no worse than any generation before it. The graphics are on par with where they should be, I feel (its a pokemon game, pokemons graphics have never ever ever been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry at the time of release). Not to mention the every present struggle that is 'if we make it more detailed, it takes more time, it takes more space, it requires more resources'. A complaint was frame drops. I personally have only experienced only 1 or 2 scenes with frame drops. It was very brief, it didn't impact anything serious. The more detailed the game is, the more thats going on, the more its going to impact performance. I don't even want to know what the margin for this balancing act was. I can't imagine Nintendo would ever let Gamefreak staff detail all (or even part of) their struggles and roadblocks. We've probably already heard too much, but our boys had to say something because people weren't happy last time they tried to implement a dex cut.

TL;DR i guess - the issue seems incredibly complicated. I'm mostly speculating and speaking my mind, but the decision seems incredibly logical to me (both now and for the future). The dex cut hardly impacts the primary game experience. Endgame is a different discussion and it does compromise the longevity of the games playability, but I'm sure Nintendo and Gamefreak are actually thinking that far ahead, so time will tell. Everything else, imo, about SwSh has been spectacular so I personally will trust their judgement until it stops working out so well.

An Anonymous user asked:

sorry about your loss 😔💔 i cant imagine how hard it must be to lose a good friend. i hope theres at least someone to lean on in these hard times 💞

thankfully my whole house, my parents and such have been super supportive. My biggest worry right now is for my friends and community that were super close to them because the loss is hitting them 1 billion times worse than myself.

Outside of that, I have much anxiety and depression surrounding attending the funeral since it'll be out in California and I am in Texas. I want to attend if at all possible, but money on it is gonna be tight, I think. I can probably afford the flight as is, its all the other costs that go along with travelling that I think Im stressing. But at the moment I don't have a date or any other plans/logistics to go off of, so I can't even brainstorm my way out of it.

Right now, I think, we're just waiting to see what the family does while everyone struggles to process.

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whats it feel like getting high on marijuana if you dont mind me asking?

As a person who's lived with anxiety for most of their existence, you get to experience what its like to not be like that. It's so good. First time I got high everything was just super funny. Your brain, quite literally, just starts thinking differently so you get wackier trains of thoughts and sometimes you can use it to help you think through a situation you were previously having issues with (and if you write down your realizations you might get to keep them).

Of course, everyone experiences being high differently (its not for everyone, obviously) but weeds one of those things where you don't 'trip' (and thus cant really have a bad one?). If your having a bad time, you can just sleep it off. I primarily use it as a sleep aid and something to get me relax (because god knows my brain is always on fire).

An Anonymous user asked:

i followed you bc your about made me wheeze (and i think you might have followed me first...?)

I’ve been around the block for a solid minute so who knows.

Man, if you thought my about me was riotous before... in about 3-4 days I’ll have to be making some changes to it so there should be more hilarity to come.

Thanks for following by the way, glad to have you~

An Anonymous user asked:

Followed you bc honestly you're just a great person! Also you reblog things I'm interested in but you're also just really super nice overall and I love to see you popping up on my stream!

No matter how many times someone tells me that I’m a great person it takes my brain a moment to readjust. Like it just goes “Someone else? Noticing me? Positively? Sounds fake but okay.” But I know damn well if it were any of the people I follow I’d slam them with a “stfu you’re great, here’s a 5 page essay on why”

sometimes we just have to submit to the mortal fact that not only are we known, but we are known positively, as scary and humbling as that is. Not to mention wrestling our brains into not being so self depreciating (even if that’s how our upbringings/experiences programmed us to be).

I’m rambling now, but sincerely: Thank You. The genuine human interactions on this website give me life and sanity in a world where the awful is all too prevalent.

An Anonymous user asked:

I followed you because your posts made me smile and I needed more people on my dash that made me smile

:’D Well this made me smile so I guess we’re creating some crazy smile paradox where neither of us can stop smiling for the rest of eternity.

An Anonymous user asked:

oh yeah. been meaning to ask, what does your '#bagel' tag mean?

It's just my tag for reblogs. Since "rebagel" was a popular term for reblogs on tumblr, I just shortened it to bagel for no real reason but my own amusement.

An Anonymous user asked:

no vacancy - rainbow kitten surprise??

Don't waste a light on me

Save your eyes for someone brighter

Than I will ever be

Don't hesitate to bring me to my knees

As depressing as I found the song to be, this sentiment stuck with me. I'd never wish for someone to limit themselves just for the sake of my dumb ass. You're obligated to elevate yourself, even if it cuts me down.

The people in your life should challenge you, not placate you.