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yall ever try that weird practice of drawing the same character the same way twice? that sounds wild

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aren't you supposed to draw the character enough times that drawing a character the same way twice just sort of happens passively?

megafauna -

draw? draw?? I'm supposed to draw first, have skill later?? sounds like the setup to a microtransaction scheme. the absolute nerve of that

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What do you mean I can't just think really hard about arting better? I don't want to learn. That sounds like a scam. Like college. What do you mean you learn in college!?

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yall ever try that weird practice of drawing the same character the same way twice? that sounds wild

star-rice -

aren't you supposed to draw the character enough times that drawing a character the same way twice just sort of happens passively?

I've been seized by the unbearable urge to paint fish.

Unfortunately I'm at work sooooo 😟

I'll be damned if this painting isn't mostly finished.

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Me: -goes over the same mostly refined portions of a painting a billion times while not touching the very rough, barely rendered parts knowing full well I'm on a pretty strict deadline-

Me: -sweats-

star-rice -

Me: -overdetails an unimportant part of a painting so much it looks out of place and has to paint over it to reduce the amount of detail because the prospect of detailing the whole painting to match is work I do not have time for-

Me: :')

Me: -goes over the same mostly refined portions of a painting a billion times while not touching the very rough, barely rendered parts knowing full well I'm on a pretty strict deadline-

Me: -sweats-

Was working on sister's gift painting and went to save it. Photoshop shot me an error to the tune of "Could not save file because of program." Like. Thanks. I figured. Can you give me? Any other details? Like??? At all??????

After a bit of troubleshooting I found I could open and save other files just fine? Just not the one I was working on. So I tried a new file and just duplicated all my layers over to it. Which was a no go, which told me it was very specifically a problem with whatever layers I had. After some time duplicating stuff over and saving in between each one, apparently photoshop was having a huge fucking issue with one (1) hidden clipping layer I had. Wish I knew what specifically about it was so fucking offensive to PS, but whatever man.

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Imma post this here too!
i made my own little prompt for Huevember!
one drawing a day just isnt realistic for me so here is an alternative that gives 2 days to finish one thing! (15 huevemver drawings in total)

or for everyone where 2 days isnt enough there is a weekly prompt that also gives a bigger color range for every artpiece. (4 huevember drawings in total)

doesnt have to be finished drawings! sketches are welcome too!
challenging yourself is important but make sure you have fun while doing so!

take care of yourself!

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I had a dream last night that I created a side blog for sharing daily color palettes and I think I wanna go ahead and actually make one

awepossum -

after being distracted for most of the day I made my color palette blog: https://colorfall.waterfall.social/

"i haven't drawn anything in 2 months" starter pack

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An Anonymous user asked:

Your art is totally awesome! As someone just getting into art, what gets you motivated?

inigoats -

Hi!! Thank you so much for your kind message!!

With art, it can be hard to stay motivated, but I also want to do this as a job so I can't always necessarily rely on motivation especially if its more than a hobby!

But to try and answer your question more specifically, I really enjoy watching time lapse drawings on youtube :) I like seeing how other artists create their pieces and their techniques, so it'll tend to inspire and motivate me to work on something new. I also like looking at concept art for movies and TV shows!

Sleaves achieved, lets see if this helps sketch brain do some creates.

Ok dope, so the post that got yeeted was me discussing why I dislike carrying a sketchbook (and honestly just sketchbooks in general) which boiled down to: sketchbooks do not lend themselves to my creative process nor do they foster or maintain quality in my work. Yet I keep one anyway.

(long and rambly)

I don't fucking use it and I end up just working on normal copy paper anyway, so honestly, why do I carry the fucker around? I have very few pros and a boat load of cons (which I might take the time to recompile later, but I got bigger thoughts to fry) so I think I'm gonna try something new.

The new thing I'm gonna try is keeping a binder for my loose drawings. I debated just hole punching those bitches but decided that that not only feels bad but looks bad if you ever want to divorce that piece from the binder (of which, that freedom I'd enjoy). Plus a problem I had with sketchbooks was that the pages would rub together and fuck up any pencil drawings (and i don't carry markers/pens for art). So I was thinking "what about plastic sleaves?" The thought immediately feels like over kill, but honestly, the hardest part of using them would be buying them (which is a one time thing and at that point, cost is really the only hurdle). So I looked into it. I can get 200 for 12 diggery-dongs. I think I already have a binder if we're being real (and I might actually know its location).

The goal of this is obviously to foster creativity and remove roadblocks that disinsentivize my brain from doing art. This new system would do several things for me. It essentially reinvents the sketchbook and strips it of its turn offs (cant remove/insert pages, pages rub together and destroy the images on them, easier to currate, less commitment issues etc etc) and gives me a hell of a lot more freedom. I think the only maybe downside I can come up with is that I'll have to be hella dilligent about dating my stuff. There's no hard begining and hard end with this system. I have to do more upkeep with organizing my work, but that atm seems more like a plus than anything else. I already keep every fucking thing I ever draw, this would lend itself to the longevity of my work.

I'll probably want to work on pruning what I keep and where. There's a shit load of things that I keep but dont necessarily have any pride in (which is not necessary for art, ngl) so I store that shit together in a box with relatively no protection on them. They dont move often enough for it to matter. I need to get a box and just keep it all in one place. I don't know why I keep this stuff other than #1 - it was drilled into me that you do not throw art away and #2 - it is fun to see all this stuff you've mentally filed out of existence. Its a testament to the work that goes into getting anywhere skill wise and it allows for one to physically manifest in a real amount of space what that process looks like. Its not necessary, but its mildly humbling and satisfying to the brain. If I have the space to continue doing this, I feel inclined to.

For stuff I actually give a shit about keeping/displaying/not forgetting about, I can just move the sleaved images to another, bigger, binder that I don't cary everywhere with me with the bonus that these things already have a high likely hood of me wanting to show them off. Win win!

And honestly? Thats not a lot of maintenance. Its better than carrying a sketchbook I dont use. Throwing loose printer paper in my bag (or in my sketchbook where they fall out and end up in my bag). I usually end up folding these papers (not inherently bad, but if I'm not paying attention, thats often creasing through something I've drawn) and they get beat the fuck up (bc I never take shit out of my bag). A binder would be the same amount of maintenance (or less) and much less stress about keeping my arts quality.

Its time I fixed the broken systems in my life. Living is hard enough as it is without unecessary resistence. Time to actually actively endorse being a creative, which means supporting its natural proccesses as much as possible and eliminating shit that hinders my freedom. The world didn't teach me how to set up my shit to cater to my weird brain, so I have to do it myself. "Normal" or "societally correct" shit broke? Time to play handyman and fix that them hoes. I need more time for the shit I'm bound to/bound to do. I need more mental and physical space to be happy.

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i should learn how to draw outfits

Always a good feeling when a piece you've kind of been groaning about bc it just hasn't been going exactly as planned or it's been fighting you 50% of the way actually starts coming together and you feel like you start seeing the light with it.

Anyway, I might actually get this piece to a solid progress before I throw it into Artfight

Finally was able to do some art I actually gave a fuck about. The last two weeks I've been busy and art blocked. Im so glad I was actually able to pull out another attack on Artfight before it ends. I feel much better ending off this years event than I did before.

I'm big hoping I'll be feeling up to streaming tomorrow. I've been meaning to all month and a billion things have gotten in the way.

I have a couple artfight attacks I need to return and I just haven't felt that into it lately.

I did just get down a couple bits of minutiae about how I wanna continue sketching/lining. Idk if it's necesarily faster, but it makes my brain happier I think, which is mostly what matters. Practice will make quickness I think though. If I want to refine this into a commission style.

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so i was just thinking about whether or not i should call myself an artist (or an animator) and this video popped up and gave me a little bit of a perspective

the title is a little clickbaity, so i'm encouraging y'all to watch it regardless

star-rice -

Definately a good watch. It does get me thinking, of course, because she's right, thats absolutely a conversation I've been in multitudes of times. That moment where you can choose to say "I am an artist" or not. Especially the last few years I haven't made any efforts (especially in real life spaces) to incorporate that into my persona.

And I know its a very multi-faceted decision I passively made. As a child I was always touted as very creative and it was something my parents bragged about. It was something that everyone knew about me. I was always the talented one. I was the art kid. It seemed to precede me. And of course from here I can insert about a billion artist gripes about people asking me to draw them something or being covetted for group projects bc of my "talent" (which is a word I've really come to hate honestly), but thats not what I'm getting at. In my adult life I've been very happy to let myself be me first instead of an artist. At its core I think this really jsut comes down to ascribing self worth to things I'm good at, of which I am also not absent of self-doubt/worth issues. When grappling with assigning worth to my art and the only thing I feel like I've ever been known for is art, that lends to negative feelings towards myself, especially if, at the time, I haven't been able to be active in artistic mediums in any meaningful way. Its good place to assert that our worth as people does not hinge upon what we can offer the world, but I haven't always known that as a truth. When art was all I ever felt I was good for in others eyes, if art was the only skill I felt I could attribute to myself, if I felt negatively about my art or couldn't bring myself to be physically or emotionally available enough to practice it, there is absolutely no way to separate my art and my self worth.

I've always kind of considered proclaiming myself as an artist to mean "I can make a living off of my art/I do art for a living or profession." For so long I balked at the descriptor because it felt like it was a job title. If I wasn't using art or hadn't ever used art to meaningfully support myself monetary, it didn't feel right. And thats stemming from what people expect if you outright say "I am an artist". They do not at all know my very personal relationship with the term 'artist'. And I'm not going to pretend that theyre supposed to either. Being an artist is something incredibly personal, and I have always held the idea that emotional/personal things and things you do for money deserve some separation. It's why when people bugged the fuck out of me to do it as a career I shot them down fast and hard. Because fuck no. I know now its because of my worth issues. I did not to at all want to tie my success to something that I already thought was lackluster and vulnerable. I knew my own tendencies to procrastinate and falter. I felt as if I would ultimately buckle under the pressure to perform and succeed. I would be a failure from the start so why even try? Why call myself an artist only to have to resign from the title? And part of that is on how society portrays artists. It is not nearly broad enough of a definition to suit the very diverse people it covers. Which leads to my next point:

For a very fucking long time, I was pretty fucking afraid to show any real life person what I did artistically. It was a minefield of a subject. Not only was my own self worth on the line mentally, but what I was drawing was not what I would have considered respectable or presentable. Even now I still have people who, in real life, will get a little peek at what I do and immediately jump to "oh so you're a furry".

That shit makes me want to scream. So much. Thats so fucking dismissive. And it hasn't always been "oh you do furry art". Previously, it was "so all you draw is anime" or "all you draw is animals" or "wow you're really into pokemon". I was always shown that I would be judged for what I drew. When you declared yourself an artist there was an immediate expectation to show yourself off, prove it, impress people with it. It's a trap, especially when you're young and desperately clawing at the world for some tiny drop of validation. But what I drew was not conventionally palattable for everyone. It was only into adulthood that I understood that it doesn't fucking matter what I drew, there was no escaping that shit. Took me forever to learn that. There was a time when I seriously though that I'd be respected if I just drew the right things or was creative enough in the correct way. And its such bullshit especially when I was juggling that with online mentalities that do not promote those romantically creative efforts (ie, fanart being shared over deeply detailed/complicated pieces, most commission work is for people OCs etc). Art as anything more than a personal venture really did, for a long while, seem like a fruitless path. So I made it a very personal venture, got involved in a bunch of shit. I had more time then, but I made a lot of progress. I valued community over commerce. I built up my self worth. A lot of good came out of it.

Until my community exploded (Im not gonna get into that now). I tried to keep up with a couple things here and there, but honestly? Without that.. Im not quite sure what else I had keeping me in art. And we're fast approaching the present in this retrospective. I'm having to step back and reassess what Im in art for. Why am I doing it? Do I still want to keep capitalizing on my art at arms length? How much of art do I want to reincorporate into myself now that I'm holding it and able to turn it over in my hands. I have a lot of stigma to carve away. I realize now that by internalizing that shit, my growth was stunted. The art I did, am doing, will do, no matter the subejct material, is progress. If I ever wanted to achieve this romantic ideal I wanted to hold myself to, I need to do art at all costs. It isn't some magical ability you're born with. Its a hard, beaten road you painstakingly pave yourself. And we all have different roads and different destinations. Its never too late to try something new. Its never too late to change. We dont have to pick something and die with it. Our paths are as varied, colorful and ever branching as the media we create.

But thats just me getting romantic, rambly and waxing poetic again.

All in all, art is incredibly important in so many ways. I am an artist, will always be an artist. I couldn't excise that from my soul if I tried. It's my past. It's my present, and even if i quit it today, it would forever haunt my future. I'm a creative at heart. Honestly my largest struggle has never been art itself. Its always been how I relate art to both myself and others. And thats still some shit I gotta figure out.

Its been a common problem for me lately where I cannot focus on art unless the lights are off. 8)

I think its because I have problems seeing details on the screen. Kinda feeling weird about it, but at least it kicked the lack of motivation I was sporting previously.

Hnnnng I'm getting ideas for Skitters and exploring more forms than just galaxy void bird and what he needs to look like him and just..... Pen and paper is not fucking cutting it. I need my desktop for this shit and i don't get off of work for another hour (probably closer to two).

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how tf do you study fashion for character design cause I really gotta but I have no clue where to even start

katiebirdie -

a lady i follow on tumblr described her process and basically she says you should

a) learn about different terms for specific styles like "bohemian" or "punk" that relate to your characters' personality or your idea of their style so you know what to search for,

b) collect all related/similar terms to those styles and keep them save somewhere so you know what the range in terms there is, and

c) build a reference folder of clothes in those styles to either take inspiration form or use wholesale, since it's not uncommon for artists to just use actual clothing-- i think the sailor moon manga is pretty well known for just using runway looks for the villains. she also said that pinterest, while overall terrible, is a good site for this since it has a big fashion scene and you can make individual pages for each character to pin things too. if you don't want to use it though you can also literally just go to actual clothing websites and save/take screenshots of the clothing you like in that category and save it to a folder on your computer.

autiestella -

also!! if aim create a specific subculture look: look into where first sprung from, how became popular, even typical music tastes & more - subculture able show lot abt character, if put together right :D

will also find if learn lot of one subculture, will start learn others too, just cause lot of influence & bounce between!

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how tf do you study fashion for character design cause I really gotta but I have no clue where to even start

I have reached "I have forgotten what a cat looks like" levels of arting again.

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