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I love living in a place where they have a window to stare out of and to enjoy the breeze. They always look so happy and content.

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I love these two so much.

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"I didn't even notice the background cat for a second c:"

Yeah, Frank leaves all the lazy, hour long cuddles to Megan who will velcro herself to you for as long as you let her.

Frank takes a more aggressive approach and will demand to be held and coddled when you're just standing around or sitting somewhere actively doing things. But she does still enjoy hanging out. Just not on top of you (until she's very suddenly on top of you). Megan at least asks if you want to be smothered.

She's happy to have me back at my desk.

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Spent nearly 2 full days away from the house. Got home 30 minutes ago and I gotta leave in five and I'm desperately trying to convince my cats I still love them before I disappear for another 8-9 hours :((((

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She sits so weird!!! Weird baby! Look at her! Noodle spine child!

More of my child sitting like an idiot.

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Look who came to bother the shit out of me while I got ready for a shower.

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Also yes, she's an incredibly loud baby who loves the bridge of her nose scratched?????? Look. I don't get it either.

Look who came to bother the shit out of me while I got ready for a shower.

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Lol I call my cats "buddy" all the time xD I've always wanted to have a little dog with a very human name though like Arthur or something I just think it'd be so adorable

I don't utilize the hilarity of people names for my cats as well as one should when you have people names for your pets. "Bro", "bud", "dude", "babe", "honey"/"honeybunches", "sweetheart", "child", "kiddo", "asshole", "motherfucker", "dickhead" are all things I lovingly call my children. As for nicknames, I think Meg has the lions share. Frankie generally only has Frank and Franks-badanks. Megan's got Meg, Megmeg, Meggers, Megarino, and, my favorite: Fatticus Prime.

Might put in the effort of making a compilation of my cat sitting like an idiot.

Here, have a picture of the girls.

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yo why he sittin like that tho

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What do you mean dude? Cats just sit like that

Loud baby. Rumble child. Belly rubs.

They will never just "lay on my bed" they exclusively sit on my pillows.

Frank is fucking losing her mind this morning and I am regretting my options for getting her a cat tree when I have vaulted ceilings.

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Frank is so curious about everything and is so willing to check anything out.

Hey sister however is there exact opposite. I showed her a safe space behind my desk and she has not left since, much against my pleading.

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The duality of cat.