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a test video i did to see how well my recording software would work!

we out here tryna capture beauty

Study of This Photo

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rich chick and punk chick redraw

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So I've been making character sheets with aesthetic moodboard backgrounds, and I'm really liking how they look but i couldn't post them because i don't own the pictures in the mood boards. But then i had the brilliant idea to distort the moodboard until it becomes a big mush of weird shapey colors, ta-da!

This one's of my boi Quincy, local hybrid asexual sex worker and my personal little ray of sunshine, I adore him to bits.

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fun fact cattle panels can be repurposed into arched garden trellises

guess what me and my dad plan on doing today

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working on a shirt pattern with some fishy friends

So, I’ve been getting a lot of check scam emails lately (they are ALWAYS the same lmao) and drew this as a part of a very elaborate way to troll the scammers and waste their time.

So uh.... If someone wants these on a mug and stuff, you can get it here

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oh! bubble forth this black blood, may it prove this guilt and sin

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[ID: Artwork of a 35 year old black goth character. They are smirking at the viewer. Their black hair is in a bun and they're wearing circle framed sliver prescription sunglasses. They have black lipstick on. Their clothing comprises of a big dark grey jack over a black top and grey pants. On their neck is a black choker with a small sliver skull. End ID.]

Artwork my oc June (she/they) looking pretty cool if I do say myself! June is hella goth and bi! Gotta make new art of their husband Derrell sometime. My other oc Eies is their son actually!

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Using the new mod panel as a test for the new chart system for Activity v2/Blog Analytics.

Might as well show you the big bump we got... 4am, and we're already over 50% of total registrations we had yesterday.

This could be it lads, we might finally be getting popular

First big project on my new machine! Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far! and here's to many more prajects in the future!!


2 piece top and skirt. Off-the shoulder with traingle widget back-waist hem. flared skirt. special halloween fabric features zombie pinup gals!

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usually i'm a "use the same canvas tote bag until you're unable 2 patch it back together" but this bag,,,,, has stolen my heart

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Dude if you got pics, if love to see the heart stealing bag`

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this guy! i was looking 4 something similar 2 one i saw in a bestdressed youtube vid, n i think i found the exact make? i don't own any bags except 4 a school one n an art tote so i thought it'd b a rly cool statement belt n bag in one :^)