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I don't wanna get up. Don't wanna go to work. My day off was not long enough >:'(

I will say this: I've gotten p damn good at drawing Skitters.

Therapist cancelled on me, so I might end up streaming.

Its been a common problem for me lately where I cannot focus on art unless the lights are off. 8)

I think its because I have problems seeing details on the screen. Kinda feeling weird about it, but at least it kicked the lack of motivation I was sporting previously.

I've thing I have got to do tonight is sit down and download all the necessary refs and info for the first couple days off artfight.

We all know the website is gonna go to hell and I don't want to be caught off guard.

Me, getting up 2 minutes after I needed to leave the house because I hit snooze about 15 times: Oh yeah we're doing fantastic today.

Hnnnng I'm getting ideas for Skitters and exploring more forms than just galaxy void bird and what he needs to look like him and just..... Pen and paper is not fucking cutting it. I need my desktop for this shit and i don't get off of work for another hour (probably closer to two).

With staying up this late, I better not be tired when I hang out with friends again. Im so sick of getting desperately sleep after the clock strikes 11.

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so from my understanding if you get a solid-state drive more than like 70% full they'll never run at full capability after that, so try to keep storage on them lower if possible! my husband is super into computers and put one of those in my desktop so i try to use it minimally

Yeah, they definately have a few cons compared to HDDs. Along with that, I've also heard that they access and/or write data a remarkably fewer amount of times (again, by comparison). Because of this I've set my SSD to not defrag every week like my other 3 drives. Apparently though, these two facets of SSDs are generally being improved upon (and have been in the past few years). Which is fair, they're only really just now becoming standard in PCs.

My biggest reason for getting an SSD though (outside of needing more storage capacity), was by far to decrease my worries about important data being lost to a drive failing critically. I've had it happen before and its garunteed to happen again with regular HDDs (they just have a limited life span, its unavoidable). I also feel better about an SSD because the drives hooked up via a USB to Sata cable at the moment which means its sort of flopping about on top of my computer. No moving parts mean you cant trauma data loss out of it nearly as easy whereas HDDs are notorious for losing data/failing if you bump them just right.

What I really need to do is get another SSD for my heckin operating system if only for the increase in boot time~ but I've never learned how to clone a drive with an OS on it (I know you can, i just haven't put in the reserach) so I'll wait until a later paycheck for that one.

Big surprised that my minecraft server files folder is only 12.5gb

I thought it'd be a hell of a lot bigger, if im being honest.

Christ all-mighty. So I've been moving files around all day and I'm now in the "organization" part of all that and I found an old ass stream I did way back almost 4 years ago in 2016. I was drunk streaming playing Tomb Raider II (which I must have been 20 for, I must have had my parents buy the shitty ass Shiner I was drinking) and its absolutely wild watching myself at a different time in my life. I'm of course pre-everything. My voice is weird but familiar. I was actually shocked to have to remember that I had tits then. My best friend is in the background. And I'm finding myself yearning for the past.

Of course its a past I'll never have back. Watching has made me want to stream again (I did really love doing drunk streams, but I feel like nowandays no one would show up). I miss the summer months where my friend would visit the whole break and we'd do a bunch of dumb shit for weeks on end. And theres like, absolutely no way to recreate that. I'm glad I kept these videos though, so I can yearn a little. Put some perspective on my past and present. Maybe spin a couples ideas for the future.

All in all odd experience, let me tell you.

I jumped for team sugar on artfight! Just in case anyone was curious~

I'm so itchy to get home and work on skitters. I have a lot more detailing to do and a good plan for going about it. But I'm stuck in gas station hell for 3 more hours >:(

You could say I got the jitters for Skitters.

Thinking about streaming today, whether its more Wind Waker Randomizer or art

Promise I'm still checking WF every other five seconds. I think I'm just exhausted and not really digging social media atm. Im in the middle of working 6 days in a row with the usual, associated lack of sleep.

Hopefully I'll have content to share eventually

Might say fuck it and stream some Wind Waker Randomizer. I haven't played on the new release yet and I'm excited to see how the random palettes play out.

But do I have 3 hours? And can I get my streaming setup working without 2 hours of hassle? Lets see, I guess.

The amount of times I hear fucking Scott Menville do a random voice in Atla is astounding and incredibly jarring every fucking time.

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Was craving steak something terribly aweful. I've been trolling the discount meat section for like, a whole week with nothing to show for it. So I said fuck it, its treat yourself night and got myself a steak full price.

Now, all I gotta do is not fuck it up.

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Oh fuck yes. I already referenced a Binging with Babish video for the basics of pan sauces (and then wing the rest from there) BUT as it turns out! He made a video! Just for pan sauces exclusively! Like a month ago!