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Dear merciful fuck okay. So I dicked around with my computer today because 1) - I got my cable extenders in like, Tuesday and hadn't had any will to go messing around on the insides, 2) - I needed to put my SSD on the inside of the computer, and 3) - I needed to at least have a set up for connecting a 3.5 inch mega bastard hard drive because the usb to sata cable I have doesn't (I assume) give the bitch enough power to function properly. And I'm glad I didn't intend to try and fuck with that hard drive because of the massive spook my graphics card just gave me.

So the good news is that the rats nest in the front is No More! Everything was very painstakingly tucked under the top and side panel. It was a huge pain in the ass trying everything in the book to get everyone lying flat and close enough that the side panel didn't bulge, but I got it all together. I swear to god I spent at least 30 minutes slightly adjusting about a billion cords, which was after the debacle that was getting all the cords to go where they needed to in the first place. Of which, during all that I ended up completely unplugging my LEDs and bumping a certain something a little bit too much.

The bad scare I had was when I powered everything up, first the cosmetic LEDs didn't come on, but everything else booted fine, which was an easy fix. I even got photos of everything after making sure those were working 100%. I assumed everything was hyper kosher and went about booting up my usual programs, including FFXIV, which I'd forgotten about when I started poking around waterfall. That's when I noticed that images had this very particular artifacts on them. :)

My reaction was as follows:

I then started moving stuff around and seeing what happened when I switched screens, reloaded windows, etc and witnessed extremely gut wrenching behavior that confirmed that yeah. This was my GPU fucking up. Not many things can cause those artifacts and whole assets in FFXIV (like my now black, textureless boots) to completely unload.

Of course I start panicing because ofc I do. This is the single most expensive part in my PC and its exactly the last part I'd want to fail. Replacing it at this point would be devastating and near impossible (not to mention costly both in time and money). But I pull my heart out of throat and my stomach up from my knees enough to think "god what must I have done to this thing". Of which, I hadn't thought I'd really done anything! As far as I knew, all I'd done is unplug its power cord, fiddle with shit round the back and plug the same power cord back in. But of course I knew that in the midst of fucking around with every other cord (especially that damn SSD who refused to stay seated and plugged in) I must have knocked it around a few times. So, as with most trouble shooting, start with the easiest stuff first. Maybe the connections are misaligned. So I unscrewed the back plate then unseated and reseated that hoe and turned it all back on to see if anything had changed.

And boy oh fucking boy am I glad to have, since, not seen a single graphical fuck up, because I didn't have anything else to try without spending 2 hours googling shit. Which probably would have disrupted my everything even more than just doing these fiddles and writing up this post has done, which is to say, before I started this task, I completely made a pan of food and planned 100% to get a bowl and sit down and watch something on my Chromecast, then maybe start poking around at my computer. Brain went haywire for approximately an hour and a half to two hours hyper focusing on getting this shit figured out and done. Hell, I'd actually stood up went "yeah fuck I need to go eat now" pranced into the kitchen and but a bowl in the microwave. Then I discovered my GPU being naughty and wrote up this post. I have yet to retrieve my bowl. (I'll get there eventually"""" )

Another set of good news; back before I'd built what I've dubbed "Starkid", when I was still using ye olde Memeshit Supreme (who has since been dissolved), I had tried to connect my wireless earbuds to my computer because that sounded super dope, I hadn't bought my wireless headset yet, and I really love my earbuds. :') Also, now that I have purchased and used my over the ear headset for a while, I can say that, while its really convenient and of good quality, if I wear it long enough, it get hella uncomfortable and starts to hurt. So for casual listening to shit and maybe a short call here and there, I would still like to have my earbuds available to use. But at the time, the bluetooth dongle I had wasn't fantastic and any audio I was getting was choppy as fuck. I even bought another bluetooth dongle with a grade higher bluetooth and it still wasn't enough.

Because of this, bluetooth was a heavy consideration when i was picking out motherboards way back in the planning stage of this computer. Which is to say, I wifi and bluetooth are built into my motherboard and I can screw on any antennae I'd like in order to utilize it. And, as I had hoped, its way fucking stronger than a USB dongle could ever hope to be and my earbuds work absolutely perfectly (so far. I haven't tried out the mic quality on them yet, but I've had phone calls on them and they've never seemed to have a problem. I'd assume they were the bottle neck for quality at this point).