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Outfit #9 - Tubular Style Dude

heehee funnie outfit

Also I made curry (the aforementioned food) and never got to play Animal Crossing, so now its after 10 and Im debate real hard about time travelling the time back, but it always knows and it makes me feel bad.

Was looking for new villagers today via Nook Miles Tours and was getting absolutely garbage villagers. I was mostly looking for more bird villagers (was hoping for one of the ostritch babes or maybe a fancy chicken since I have neither species yet) but then I found Punchy and I just cant say no to that stupid face.

Some villagers are just a little too close to your heart.

Spend for fucking ever grinding out scorprions for dosh. Very sad that scorpions do not do a little hop like the tarantulas did. Tarantulas were just playing around. Scorpions want your wallet and your life.