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I’ve wanted to make this comic………… basically ever since I heard this song, because it was so fitting for Marek that I just HAD to, and I finally got around to finishing it a couple of weeks ago

This follows Marek’s return to their home village, which is very rocky for a number of reasons, but they 1) ultimately still love their family and 2) are extremely Mad At God for the apparent lack of intervention as other clans and settlements of their tribe have been wiped off the map completely or at the very least displaced (and ended up in Dove Reki, which is now practically on the front line). They are deeply betrayed and if nobody else is going to go out there and summon God into corporeality so they can yell at it, Marek’s gonna go fuckin do it

(Rokovek is just along for the ride. Marek sees a lot of themself in Roki when they meet and kinda takes them under their wing)

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Decided to mess around with multiple light sources by drawing one of my OCs. I'm personally just, so proud of how this turned out.

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i liked this one gesture drawing so now im going into more detail with it

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Skitters Reference Sheet

'Bout time this dude got some proper reference material.

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I could hear the signs calling out from the bottom of the fire
I am like a torch flickering in the wind as the saying goes

haha artistic nudity

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she’s done nothing wrong, ever, in her life

ref’d from Mrs. James Guthrie (1865) by Frederic Leighton

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Skitter Color Arrangement

Skitters can come in any color and (theoretically) pattern (though he prefers galaxies and stars). No reason not to get wild with it.

Hopefully this will end up being part of a larger ref sheet I'm building for him.

finished commission piece for the lovely @kingtulip ft. two lesbeans

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WIP I'm fussing with on stream. Hopefully those beautiful galaxies will make an apperance eventually.

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Finally got some cool shit happening.

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WIP I'm fussing with on stream. Hopefully those beautiful galaxies will make an apperance eventually.

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Nicer piece of art I did of Cybil for her artfight page!

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Finished this up on stream. Gonna start working on a piece for skitters next.

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Skaeth of the Wild Hunt, my practice mini!

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I eventually want to draw all of my villagers! Here's a drawpile doodle of Rosie and Antonio! 💕

Do not repost or use without permission

you are my fuckign s u n s h i n e

im in love with him

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End the Poison Tears

Inspired by this post, I decided to exercise my mind and do some photobashing practice of my own!

I went to Unsplash.com and spotted this photo, which inspired the composition and palette of this piece, as well as the story behind it!:

A fountain that bears the stone head of an ancient unicorn is known for giving forth blessed healing water, that is until the day its horn is stolen from its rocky skull. Since that day, glowing liquid steamed down its face, toxic tears, that poisoned the waters it touched and cursed the forest with a mysterious plague. However, a young yet determined doe embarked on a journey to return the horn and make the waters pure once more.

Stock used:
Doe: https://www.deviantart.com/windfuchs/art/Altenfelden-17-Roe-Deer-739127871
Stag (for stone head): https://unsplash.com/photos/Iw12lY3koDk
Rock texture: https://unsplash.com/photos/YaV5xGq96gc
Horn: https://www.deviantart.com/minotaur-queen-stock/art/Black-Buck-Horns-Stock-177603067

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dANG this is amazing! so well done <3

we out here tryna capture beauty

Study of This Photo

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one of the pieces i did for the art for donations thread!

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This is my second favourite drawing I have ever made

I flex with this one everywhere because this is the only landscape drawing that has ever looked good comming from me :,,,,,,,D

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Iri Sketch Dump (again)

more of Iri because I can't get enough of him. I love him. So does his boyfriend.

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philadelphia flower show (2017)

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Holy shit. @bumblingbee check this shit out