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Animal Crossing: Let's incentivize people playing earlier in the day!

Me, missing turnips for 15 weeks in a row: it feels like I'm being punished for not being able to be a person that early in the goddamn day enough to play video games.

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"Oooooooof this is a feel. I usually am only able to play after 11pm, so I put my clock backwards 12 hours so I don't miss out on the game. 11pm irl is 11am in-game for me, and it makes the game more fun to like... Actually be able to play it??"

GOD I KNOW. Like, I just almost want to do this. Almost. Because I have a day schedule. I work a day schedule (esp now that life is falling back into place and I'm going back to work). There should be plenty of time for me to pick it up during the day (Like today, I was up at 6:30a, granted for reasons outside my regular schedule, but there are days where I will open at work and one of the only things that will be worth doing is ACNL), I just almost never sit down and relax until the very end of the day before I pass out. I need to work it into my regular routine to take and hour to maintain the games more time sensitive functions. But I'm big dumb and who knows if I'll actually be able to put the mental and physical energy into it long enough to make a habit of it :')

I think i finallly figured out how to get myself to drink the water at home.

Im mad that the key to it was just "ice".

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Why does anyone even consider the "best years/anything of your life" concept. As if it is not effin terrifying. Imagine experiencing something and then going "ah yeah. that's it. my life is only going to be worse from here". newsflash! you never know whats coming! they might invent a sort of frozen youghurt that tastes like anything you want, and i might get rich enough to send it to you by mail! undertale 2 any minute now! hope is real!!!

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Any parent: my life peaked in highschool

me, when I was younger and in high school: wow this is it. Is this where I “peak”... does it really not get any better?

me, later, when things have gotten better: hey!!! were y’all just not having fun raising kids????? That’s kinda fucked up