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babushka(he/she, он/она/)
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on this site you have to make the content you want for things and i thinks thats kinda neat. like you can be sole fan-artist on here for something and thats so powerful. you can legit be the number #1 fan on waterfull for your specfic interest... like dang... i feel the strength in my bones...


Being in this site is exactly the same experience as shipping a rare pair


  • You have the absolute power
  • Everything is exactly what you were searching for
  • Cuz you made it exactly that way
  • Talking about it like cray-cray might attract more people


  • You need to create to keep this boat afloat
  • What if I don't know how to do things???
  • Guess you have to start learning
  • You might be the only one on the boat for a while


I might also add that one good thing about WF is that, since there aren't too many of us, if one of the people you follow is genuinely excited about something, I find, you're still likely to like, reblog and generally interact with that content even if you have no goddamn clue what it is/are not into the thing because we all understand that we have more impact amongst each other here.