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A little while back I bought some safety eyes for use on amigurumi projects and I finally got to use them on something. So here's a preview of a piece I'm working on, and I must say, already I know I'm gonna be in love with this thing.

The pattern I've been working with (the one the pothos is hanging in) is made up of two of these "monstera leaf" pieces. I started working this one yesterday (and had a shit load of fun staring at the colors) and wanted to show it off. It's using a much smaller yarn and as such will make a smaller holder, but hopefully it'll be good for a tiny pot. If not, I think the pattern would be easy to add a third leaf to in order to make it bigger, but that's just a hunch atm.

I haven't really posted a whole lot about my fiddlings with thermal stitch, especially in round, but it's definitely wild. It's made this relatively stiff, thick fabric and I'm loving it.

I thought it good enough to try a yarn ball bag which I've been needing for a while. Ideally I think if want like a yarn ball cage or something i can set down and not worry about my yarn ball bouncing onto the floor, but I wanted to try this first while getting some experience with the workings of thermal stitch. I might try starching it to see how stiff I can get this fucker. We'll see.

One future project I wanna fuck with is, because of how thermal is structured, you can crochet with two colors and have one side of the fabric be one color and the other side be another. So I do wanna see how that works out eventually, but I'm slightly fixating on this bag.