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Is a large shake really the thing I needed today before going to work? Without any other sustainence to speak of?

Physically? Hell no.

Mentally? This is pretty damn good.

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My anxiety got poked several times too many today and one of my saving graces (dad dropping in to bestow me with beautiful food) is being ruined bc my stress response has ruined my appetite

And that's very homophobic of it to do to me right now >:'(

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Appetite somewhat restored: my hamburger looks pristine unlike how it is usually prepared; which it resembles what a burger would look like if prepared outside amidst a category 4 hurricane. A+ job, Jack in the Box

My anxiety got poked several times too many today and one of my saving graces (dad dropping in to bestow me with beautiful food) is being ruined bc my stress response has ruined my appetite

And that's very homophobic of it to do to me right now >:'(

I guess since the weather here has taken such a turn so fast our usual supply of beef in the meat department isn't going as fast as was expected. As a result, there were a lot of marked down steaks again.

You know what time it is.

Fucking second day in a row that I've forgotten the food I meant to take to work over the food I usually take bc breaking routine this early in they morning is not an easy thing to do.

This is unfair.

A family with a big ol smoker pulled up at the gas station and opened that bitch up and was (I assume) showing off the meaty deliciousness inside and I'm fucking jealous ;A;

They just left but they stayed kong enough for the smokey smell to drift up to my window and in fucking feral rn for some meat and all I got is some spicy bowls :((((

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"I hope it turns out amazingly!!!"

It definately didn't turn out bad. Though, with steak, as long as you salt it well enough and can get a good crust on it, its very hard to get something that wont make your brain chemicals go "ooh baby"

But I still need to work on my pan sauce. I had to sub in more than a few items and I am absolute ass at getting that shit to stay together. It separates every time and I have to fight it to get it emulsified again. The one I made today wasn't bad though. I licked the plate clean as proof.

Being an adult is decided "I want to make scrambled eggs that are 25% onion" and then doing that and it turning out... pretty okay B)

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Big curry hours in the house again because istg its the only food, outside of like, a perfectly seared steak, that can really get the serotonin flowing.

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@fungus mine doesn't exactly have a lot of veggies in it, but I do have it written down!!!!
1 big white Onion

3-4 cloves Garlic, minced

Ginger, grated (like a 1x2x2 inch chunk)

1 Tomato, diced

Serrano Peppers, 3+ (or half a habenero if youre feeling spicy)

Curry Powder, at least 5 teaspoons


Chili Powder



Powdered Ginger

Chicken, 6 breasts

Seasoning Salt

Chicken Stock, like half a box

Coconut Milk, 3 cans

Lemon Zest, 1 whole ass lemon

Lime Juice, at least 2 tablespoons

Sugar, like, 1 tablespoon



• Saute a dick load of onions (prepped however you want, julienned or diced works fine) in a neutral oil (canola, vegatable, etc).

• Once those are sweating, throw in the tomatos and serranos. We did 3 serranos last time and it wasn't too spicy. But the more peppers, the spicier it is. Seeds might also be good to crush and throw in if you're looking for murder curry. (I'll be doing this next time because if capsasin isn't trying to kill you through your taste buds, are you really living?)

• Add in the garlic and ginger at the tail end. Let it get fragrant.

• Add in your liquids (coconut milk, stock). Make jokes about how thick the coconut milk is.

• Start putting in the spices. Curry is the only one you need a ton of, everything else we just give several good shakes on. We go harder on the paprika, chili powder and cayenne than we do on the the ginger powder and tumeric. Also throw in the zest and lime juice. Sugar also goes in at this time, but this is probably the one ingredient you don't want to add to much of. You can't really do any taste testing rn bc it just hasn't cooked long enough.

• Brown the chicken in a seperate pan with a little bit of oil. You can do this way before now, but nows the time if you haven't already. Season with seasoning salt while it's cooking.

• Add the chicken to the pot and let that shit cook for a good long fucking while. The longer the better. I try and give it at least 45 minutes. Stir it often, don't let it burn. You want it at least simmering, not a voilent boil. Let the color come out in it and taste it every once in a while and lose your shit as you get to see the flavor develop in real time.

• If you taste it and think "man, this is missing something." go ahead and take a look at the spices you threw in (including lime jucie), make sure you didn't miss one (you dont know how many times I've done this). If not, just start guessing at what else it needs more of. Throw it in, test, repeat. You'll feel when its right. If you're looking for more spice at this point, Cayenne is your best bet unless you have chili oil lying around.

• Once you're happy with it, serve that shit over rice (that you hopefully started earlier once)


I have since been asked if I can write all recipes like this.