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If there's one thing I'm happy to see come out of all the "discourse" that happened on the discord and then spilled onto the site itself, it's the opinion that discussion about site features shouldnt include just the discord. Hell, the majority of the reason this situation has been so confusing is because it's hidden within 1000 discord messages. Im still not fully informed because reading all those very heated messages is taxing and going out of my way to read stuff that's going to affect me negatively is not a good idea. So honestly? I don't know what in the hell has gone on and I'm not going to form an opinion on something I don't havent read the primary documents for.

But I know that discussion was big and it was concerning the directions Thell was thinking about taking on certain things. I think Thell made a post concerning it on here, and a few of us responded, but there was never any discussion. IMO it feels like it was forgotten. This definately isn't the first time I've felt left out of site discussion because it was soley one he discord. I don't have the energy to keep up with the discord. Slower paced discussions are absolutely my jam. And ngl, the discord is a bit intimidating. For the short time I was active on it, it was hit or miss with how I felt about things. It feels like a source of drama and that feels like the exact opposite of what should be desired from site discussion.

I don't know how to move forward with this. I don't think it's a situation where we should be telling Thell what to do. That's not personally the relationship I think we should have with the site admin. If I were to imagine an ideal scenario, we would just speak about how we feel and what isn't working for us and he could decide how to move from there. This would probably mean getting a lot less feedback from him, but given the very heated responses he gets when he speaks, I think it would be healthier. I imagine he's happier to work on waterfall more when he's not having to work public relations this one to one. Things get personal and bitter fast. This isn't the first time shits gotten heated and it won't be the last if nothing changes. I wish I had more of a solution to offer and I don't mean this to be a call to action, but I do fear negativity worse than this will crop up in the future.

All in all, I think communication between Thell and the userbase should be consolidated and more inclusive. Honestly, idk where Thell gets the majority of his information about site opinion, that said I suspect there may be a lot of bias in what groups get heard. Other than the discord, idek where I should voice an opinion or suggestion other than shout it to the void. Well, for actual features there's the github, which I like very much (but I think people have been sleeping on it quite a bit). Is that where we should be pointing ourselves to? I think it would cut down the drama, but I need to know if that's what Thell wants. I'm here for the long haul. I fucking LOVE waterfall. I want to see it succeed so damn badly and I want to help in whatever limited ways I can. If my help is wanted, I need to know where to contribute and in what way.