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crownedwithwisteria asked:

I would love to have a tutorial on the moss stitch sometime if you don't mind!! (and I'd love to learn how to do it in round too, your little bag is so cute and I really want to try to make one now!! XD)

Cool okay. So I realized when I started looking for an already written up tutorial for moss stitch, that what I refer to casually as 'moss stitch' is not the traditional moss stitch, but it does hinge heavily on the same principal.

So here's a very good demonstration of normal moss stitch done with single crochets:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF1A_w7U4s8 However, the moss stitch I do (and I cannot for the life of me find the original page I learned it from) I think was called bleeding moss stitch, and it was done with half double crochets and instead of just putting the stitch in the chain from the previous row, you put it in the stitch of the half double in the row below that. - The more I reread that sentence, the more I feel like its super confusing, so I figured i'd make a full on tutorial for this.

So, this version of moss starts off very similar:

After chaining out your foundation row, just alternate between chaining and putting single crochets in every other stitch.

Now, instead of putting single crochets in the spaces you left open on row one (as you would with traditional moss stitch) instead, put a half double crochet in the chains you skipped on the foundation row, filling in those gaps. Each row, like regular moss stitch, can't start or end with a chain, so instead put a single crochet there to make your edges neat.

The next row expands on the same established pattern, but shows off the other way to start and end the round as to correctly stagger the gaps and maintain neat edges. This time you're putting the half double crochets into the tops of the single crochets made in row 1. Repeat rows 2 and 3 until you're satisfied with the length of the piece.

To finish off the pattern and make it all nice and pretty and square, instead of chaining between half doubles, you'll want to put single crochets in the tops of the row 3s half double crochets.

The traditional moss pattern ends up feeling sort of lacey, especially if you do it with half double or double crochets. But this version is much sturdier and it actually comes out feeling like a fabric that you can use for just about anything. When I do my pot holders I always use bleeding moss, I've adapted it into bags (which, its gets crazy on those increases, lemme tell ya), literally anything that requires a square panel, I much prefer to put moss stitch on it because I love the texture and it can work up very cool patterns when used with a variegated yarn.