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Dad came over and helped my mount my TV on the wall. It fits so nicely between my closet and bathroom door and I'm overwhelmingly happy to be able to put my consoles somewhere now (when the TV was on its stand, it took up the entire surface area of my chest of drawers). It looks so good and its just one more of the tiny details that are slowly falling into place in my room.

IM AN ADULT. I not only assembled my box spring, laid my underbed drawers down, and assembled bed/boxspring/bedding but I finally pulled all my clothes out of their trashbags and put them in the places they gooooo.

P much the only thing I have left to do if find places for a few more miscellaeous items. Not to mention I still have a few things left to grab from the old house. But thats a decent amount of work done today. I think the only thing I'd look into doing is maybe mounting my TV.

I am happy to report that one of the very first things I saw this morning when I woke up was Megan, out and about looking for attention. As soon as my corpse started stirring the first thing she did was meow at me.

She's still a bit hesitant in the space, but shes walking around and being mildly curious about things, which is leagues more than she did (voluntarily) yesterday.

I do have to give her credit where credit is due though. She had quite a bigger day yesterday than Frank did. Where Frank only had a car ride, a bath and the hew house to deal with. Meg had an addtional set of car rides and the vet to contend with. So I'm super proud of her.

Frank is so curious about everything and is so willing to check anything out.

Hey sister however is there exact opposite. I showed her a safe space behind my desk and she has not left since, much against my pleading.