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Skitters Reference Sheet

'Bout time this dude got some proper reference material.

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Skitter Color Arrangement

Skitters can come in any color and (theoretically) pattern (though he prefers galaxies and stars). No reason not to get wild with it.

Hopefully this will end up being part of a larger ref sheet I'm building for him.

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WIP I'm fussing with on stream. Hopefully those beautiful galaxies will make an apperance eventually.

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Finally got some cool shit happening.

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WIP I'm fussing with on stream. Hopefully those beautiful galaxies will make an apperance eventually.

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Nicer piece of art I did of Cybil for her artfight page!

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Finished this up on stream. Gonna start working on a piece for skitters next.

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Worked on a couple sketches last night. I think I'm finally wiggling myself back into being able to sit down and do work instead of immediately getting incredibly frustrated when my cold hands cannot produce gold.

(previous version of Cybil sketch here: https://stararts.waterfall.social/post/344242

proof that my eyeballs are, in fact, working better)

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WIP sketch of a piece I thought up while driving home from work.

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Don't feel like writing up anything big about this piece, but I did wanna show it off bc it's so pretty and coming along quite nicely.

Got a new babe. Kudos to anyone who guesses the bird this guys based off of before I color them.

So this is what 14 year old Star was up to 10 years ago. All Owlcats in the first image were drawn between Aug and Oct of 2010.

Now, I don't have dates fore most in the 2nd image because of some file shenanigans that happened in the past decade, but that big ol' black and white boy with the yellow beak was that latest drawn in this group and he was drawn in October of 2016. What I can tell you is that the ones with shading are much older by probably 2 years at least.

Incredible glow ups aside, these dudes should help convey the idea of what an owlcat is, how they started and where they ended up. As you might be able to tell, I did start with random designs in mind (with some taking harder natural influences) and we morphed into something way more elegant. Owlcats have sort have been a benchmark for me. I don't know what kind of Owlcats I'd give the world in present day 2020, but I'm giddy as hell to find out. A long time ago I decided to not let medium or style dictate how I created these boobs, which is part of why I'm ready to jump back into them. There aren't any constraints I have to worry about. I can just do whatever with what I have and it still be perfectly fine.

I was taken by the intense need to draw Cybil. I then realized I could use some help drawing caracal ears and then made some abominations.

Most of this is study. It's also done traditionally (I'm used to fine tuning proportions and lining things up digitally) so take it at face value.

Practice is almost never meant to turn into something to show off (which is a self reminder even though I'm putting it here, which works on myself not being ashamed of any marks I put on paper regardless of purpose)

Sketches I did the other day trying to drum up another idea for a skitters painting. While I didn’t start on any of these, I am really wanting to do the top left most skitter and the one with the glasses.

Also feat. Billy looking real funky.

Working on a green skitter today. Wanted to show off what the painting table looks like. It’s great bc I can just move it wherever if it’s in the way so I don’t have to feel as bad if I don’t finish my task (or put it completely away) in one sitting.

Also im having some difficulties getting these greens as dark. Big hmmm but I’ll figure it out even if this skitter ends up being a bust quality wise.