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naiad asked:

horse flies are TOO BIG

THEY REALLY ARE. And somehow, with theyre size, still sneaky?????? I don't get it.

naiad asked:

so from my understanding if you get a solid-state drive more than like 70% full they'll never run at full capability after that, so try to keep storage on them lower if possible! my husband is super into computers and put one of those in my desktop so i try to use it minimally

Yeah, they definately have a few cons compared to HDDs. Along with that, I've also heard that they access and/or write data a remarkably fewer amount of times (again, by comparison). Because of this I've set my SSD to not defrag every week like my other 3 drives. Apparently though, these two facets of SSDs are generally being improved upon (and have been in the past few years). Which is fair, they're only really just now becoming standard in PCs.

My biggest reason for getting an SSD though (outside of needing more storage capacity), was by far to decrease my worries about important data being lost to a drive failing critically. I've had it happen before and its garunteed to happen again with regular HDDs (they just have a limited life span, its unavoidable). I also feel better about an SSD because the drives hooked up via a USB to Sata cable at the moment which means its sort of flopping about on top of my computer. No moving parts mean you cant trauma data loss out of it nearly as easy whereas HDDs are notorious for losing data/failing if you bump them just right.

What I really need to do is get another SSD for my heckin operating system if only for the increase in boot time~ but I've never learned how to clone a drive with an OS on it (I know you can, i just haven't put in the reserach) so I'll wait until a later paycheck for that one.

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B, Y

B. Balloons: How many is "too many" balloons?

Answered this one here:


Y. You: What are you doing tomorrow? What did you do today?

Tomorrow I am working a closing shift at the gas station for which I am employed. What I do in the morning heavily depends on what I end up doing tonight.

Tonight I'm probably gonna hang with my roomies and play some vidya games. I just bought a bundle of games for myself, so I might end up doing that as well. In that bundle I got Night In The Woods which I've been wanting to play, so theres at least that in my future. I'm also likely gonna grab a shower and moniter WF. Probably gonna fall asleep to either Avatar the last airbender or Better Call Saul.

naiad asked:

I'm definitely going to have to watch her show because that sounds delightful. I've been watching a lot of Hoarders and that's definitely more "your house is about to be taken by the city throw stuff away or you'll be homeless and alone" and it's much more of a panic response in me that tells me I need to get rid of stuff. So having someone just explain how to let go of things peacfully just because they don't make you happy anymore or they never did would be really helpful

I fucking love Marie Kondo, I need to go back and finish the season. But from the episodes I've seen she's dealt with both hoarder-esque situations and just families that have issues here and there. She helps with the whole house, though, in all situations.

Another big thing that's gotten her fame is how she teaches people to fold their clothing and store it. Its a fun skill to pick up, but it absolutely stems off of the connection you have with your belongings. Plus its relaxing and if the family has kids she gets them involved bc, not only does she do it with her own daughter, but its a way to teach your kids to be involved and be mindful of their stuff too.

She has a lot of tricks for a lot of things.

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We dug these holes we crawled into

They say that we ain't got the style

Life's too short to even care at all

I want it all and nothing less

No brakes this time

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I saw your tags on my raffle post and you are a wonderful person c':

NO YOU. YOURE THE WONDEFUL PERSON! that's why I had to reblog to boost~

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your idea for owlcats is wonderful and i'd totally watch a nature doc about them

Man, so I'm finally home which means I can go completely unhinged about owlcats.

Fun fact! There actually would never be any traditional nature docs about Owlcats because they're all lab made! However, there absolutely needs to be about 1 billion hours of footage for them because of how absolutely intricate each ones needs and behavior is. Each is so incredibly unique and can take on attributes of birds, cats or amalgamations of both that present as something completely different.

I'm still trying to grapple with whether I would want Owlcats to stay entrenched in the universe of which I am most familiar, whether that would be the best course of action or if I should go completely off the reservation and do something wildly different. The biggest con to keeping them in their current universe is that it would take a bit of exposition to get people up to speed (if they care enough) with the huge upside of me actually knowing and having a muse for that universe still.

So, I'm still doing a big think, but in the mean time, lemme grab some examples of these fuckers.