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Worked on a couple sketches last night. I think I'm finally wiggling myself back into being able to sit down and do work instead of immediately getting incredibly frustrated when my cold hands cannot produce gold.

(previous version of Cybil sketch here: https://stararts.waterfall.social/post/344242

proof that my eyeballs are, in fact, working better)

I was taken by the intense need to draw Cybil. I then realized I could use some help drawing caracal ears and then made some abominations.

Most of this is study. It's also done traditionally (I'm used to fine tuning proportions and lining things up digitally) so take it at face value.

Practice is almost never meant to turn into something to show off (which is a self reminder even though I'm putting it here, which works on myself not being ashamed of any marks I put on paper regardless of purpose)