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Good lord. Classes haven't even started and already I'm wanting to commit crimes over the stress I'm experiencing.

For the moment, the culprit most contributing to stress is textbooks :')

The landscape for textbooks is both better and worse than it was 4 years ago. The worst part of the worst is that they keep fucking updating textbooks so you have to buy the newest one (which honestly, isn't fucking new but ugh). I hard decided to get my rented E-textbooks from a particular place because #1 its on the cheap end of my available paid options and #2 - I'm p sure I can remove the DRM and throw them to people who can distribute. Because if I have to pay for this shit, I'm for sure going to keep it. Fuck renting. But also, if I buy it, if I can make it so even one person doesn't have to, thats a win in my book.

You want to talk about shit that radicalized you? This is one of those things for me. Fuck this bullshit.