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They got multiple timeouts

How is that enabling

How is telling someone to stop and cool off enabling


I don't understand

I genuinely don't


#Just because it didn't happen for everyone to see..?

well, generally, yes! its important that someone is publically shown to be punished for harassing others.

if from any ol outside persons pov it seems like someone was allowed to say stuff like that and act like that repeatedly and not have any open public backlash about it, that makes it seem like thats an accepted way to act here.
thats kinda why users have been speaking up about how that in fact isnt accepted, since there seemed to be no more official public say about it.

just saying to someone "hey, cool down, step away and cool off" isnt actually the "that wasnt okay for you to say, apologize and dont do it again" that people expect, want, and deserve.


yea, from own discord experience - is not easy for user see whether someone been timeout/kick/ban, you kindof just need look for absence in list, or else click name & see roles. not evryone even know to do those, so can be complete miss & feel like nothing done if just move on

is not need make big public show like "oh that was disgusting, how dare you" - even if might make some ppl feel better, is not right way handle - but atleast to say "this discussion stops here, person is in timeout" & maybe (circumstance depending) "others will follow if keep it up" is appreciate by most users


Since I'm mostly just waking up and trying to get caught up to speed without going full detective mode (for my own sanity):

Was the offending message at least removed (ie the one that supposedly used another persons art without their permission)? Was the offensive opinion shared, the one that has the power to hurt people, mitigated in some way? Or does discord even offer the tools to do that?

Because while trying to parse through who's who and who did what, thats my biggest question atm. And maybe thats just the style of moderation I've seen on stuff like this is the past, but imo, that shows very succinctly to those watching that the behavior displayed was unnacceptable and hurtful because we wont allow it to have a life in this discussion by allowing it to be seen.

Again, I ask this as someone who wasn't there and is just trying to figure out whats going on more than anything.