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So, I know how much Tumblr has memed the shit out of Cruella at this point so I wasn't sure quite how bad it was gonna be but uhhhh

Holy lord it's bad. Like, idk who decided this should be how it flows and how it should be executed, but oof. It's so badly written though.

I can say tho, Tumblr did not tell me lies about this movie. If you ever had a question about how anything is the way it is it's because they just want it to happen. It's worse than a super out there crack fic with the premise of making Cruella relatable and cool.


No matter how rediculous you think this movie is, it's way more than you could ever even begin to expect.


@naiad commented on this post:
I kind of want to watch it just to see how terrible it really is because I know it's gotta be so much worse than I'm thinking and I saw a pretty big list of the wild events that happen lmao

I will say, for the wild ride that this movie is and how terrible the writing is, it is entertaining. It's not a movie I would ever try to take seriously because you'll fucking hurt yourself trying to apply real world logic to it. It's the movie equivalent of snack food. It's fun but not intellectually fulfilling, and if you go into it with that in mind, you should have a pretty okay time, especially if you enjoy Emma Stone.