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New Laws in Texas just dropped 🙃 (cw: guns/violence)

"Texans over the age of 21 will now be able to carry a handgun without a license in Texas.

Referred to as “constitutional carry,” this law removes the requirement of obtaining a state-issued license (and the training and background check that is part of that process) in order to carry a handgun in public.

Texans may carry pistols openly or concealed, as long as they are not prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Long guns, including shotguns and rifles, do not require a license to carry in public in Texas."

Part of me wants to watch the mass shootings and other gun crimes skyrocket because the fuck else do you think is going to goddamn happen? This sure as fuck isn't gonna lower them. But I know damn well that those gun crimes are going to be toward minority groups and will feed abusive situations. And its going to be sad. A fucked state to live in rn.

Its going to be even more cringe when I see a goddamn gun in public now. Thanks for that.